As business owners we are committed to our community. Just like our grandmothers, Elvy and Flo, we love to reuse and salvage. Our menu and processes are thoughtfully designed to offer delicious, healthy food and to reduce food waste.

Perry and Ann, Owners


Most of our offerings are plant-based. We grow our own herbs and flowers. We source our produce from the rooftop garden next door at Eastdale Colligate and from local markets. 


We run a 100% inclusive cafe. Our side entrance and washrooms are accessible. The washroom also has a change table with emergency supplies for babies and menstrual products for women. 


Just like our grandmothers, we re-use and salvage. We compost everything that's accepted in Toronto's green bin.


We do not sell (and do our best not to use) single use plastics. Water is available for anyone who wants it.


All our paper products are made from post-consumer unbleached recycled pulp product (except where your comfort in the WC is at stake).

Along with our flowers and herbs, we planted an Eastern Redbud tree on our back patio to add to Toronto's green canopy and to your shaded comfort.

We support our neighbours, sourcing many of our products from Gerrard Street, and profiling our neighbours' business ventures in our small retail area.

We partner with L'Arche and their Trying it on For Size program to improve employment and life opportunities for people with disabilities.

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